Applying for an IAESTE Internship

Stand out from the crowd

Much has been made of the need for students to gain relevant work experience before they graduate. IAESTE not only provides internship experience but also the valuable experience of working abroad. Work experience gained abroad enhances your independence and flexibility, communication and foreign language skills, and contributes to your personal and academic development. Employers know that if students have successfully overcome the challenges brought on by international work experience, they will stand out from the crowd at interview.

An IAESTE internship offers you:

  • Paid work experience in 1 of over 80 countries, primarily during the summer months
  • Placements for undergraduates in science, engineering, technology and architecture
  • Course-related work in industry, research institutions, and the public sector
  • Salaries to cover the local cost of living
  • Organised social activities (in most countries)
  • Practical guidance from British Council staff and Local Committee members during the application process
  • Assistance with work permits, visas and accommodation

Gaining experience with IAESTE doesn’t need to stop with your internship! Many students gain valuable experience in organising events, working with companies and other work-relevant skills through participation in IAESTE Local Committees. In recognition of the contribution they make to the scheme, LC members also have priority when it comes to allocating internships, where possible. Please check out our page on Joining the LC for more information.

Programme Requirements

To apply for an IAESTE internship, you must be:

  • A registered undergraduate student at a UK university (you can apply while in final year, but recent graduates can not)
  • A UK resident (if you are in the UK on a student visa, you are not considered resident)
  • Studying in the fields of science, technology, engineering or applied arts

Any students not registered at a university in the UK should apply to IAESTE in their own country.

How To Apply

Applications for IAESTE internships are handled in the UK by the British Council, though the London LC is ready to help where possible! Up to date information about applying for IAESTE can be found on their website. We recommend reading the How to Apply page, which explains the application process from initial registration to acceptance of your nomination to an internship.

The first stage in this application process is to register your interest. This must be done by 27th November. It does not commit you to continue with the application, but is necessary if you wish to apply for a place once the job offer list is available. To register, please fill in the registration form linked below.

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